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With the pandemic rewriting the norm, the world is going digital in big ways. When it comes to marketing in the cannabis industry, many companies are elevating their brand digitally, although not all major digital platforms will accept cannabis advertising yet. However, despite the technological leaps the world has taken, there is still a place for direct mail marketing for dispensaries and it’s still one of the most effective ways to create brand awareness.

Direct mail is especially effective as part of your dispensary marketing plan. Take a look at the different ways direct mail can boost your brand awareness, such as including a QR code to link to your dispensary menu. Then you can decide whether or not this tried and true advertising method is right for your game plan.

Targeted Marketing

direct mail for dispensaries

Whether you’re promoting a special 420 offer or announcing a new location, you can acquire a targeted direct mail list made up of the right audience. With all the consumer information out there, your direct mail list can be hyper-focused, targeting details like age, purchase preferences, jobs, and more. Not to mention, you can target known cannabis users. Creating a
quality list of prospects for direct mail is easier than making one for the digital world. There’s tons of data in the digital world, but it’s harder to interpret and often gets expensive, especially if digital is all you do. With direct mail for dispensaries, you can target the ideal customer persona
for your shop.

Tangible is Trustworthy

direct mail for dispensaries is trustworthy

People are always skeptical of online scammers, so it’s harder to get them into the loyalty loop online. According to Postalytics, 82% of millennials trust print advertising over digital marketing. Also, there are many intrusive types of digital advertising, which can cause people to overlook
legitimate email blast offers. Your potential customers are more likely to trust a cannabis dispensary with a physical address that can send them direct mail. Not only do people perceive direct mail to be more trustworthy, but it’s easier to keep them in the loyalty loop with physical mail. For example, you can send them special birthday discounts or even referral offers to spread the word to friends and family.

Less Competition

direct mail for dispensaries stands out from the crowd

Take a minute to think about how many pieces of mail you receive a day compared to loads of email you get in your inbox daily. Campaign Monitor calculated that the average worker receives 120 emails per day. In comparison, the average person only receives two pieces of direct mail
per day. So, if your cannabis dispensary direct mail is one of a few that someone receives per day, it will get more attention. You can also elevate direct mail for dispensaries by getting creative. Include coupons, stickers, magnets, QR codes, and more. There are even opportunities to expand your advertising by giving the recipient something to display.

It Gets Read!

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If certain emails seem like spam, they will most likely get trashed. Emails may even end up in a spam folder and never get a fair shake. But, with direct mail for dispensaries, your cannabis product deals and announcements will be seen and read. And it’s more likely that the recipient will read or at least scan each piece of direct mail. According to Data & Marketing Association, 42.2% of direct mail recipients will read or scan their mail. On average, the open rate for email blasts across all industries is around 18%.

Direct Mail & Digital Marketing Work Together

woman using qr code on dispensary magazine

A proper marketing strategy for your cannabis dispensary will incorporate both direct mail and digital marketing tactics. It’s all about balance. Direct mail marketing complements digital marketing, so having both in your marketing toolbox is ideal. You can utilize direct mail in any phase of your cannabis dispensary marketing process. Send out mail to a targeted list with a QR code that leads to a landing page on your website. Or you can run a digital marketing campaign and follow up with the responsive recipients with personalized direct mail. You have plenty of opportunities to flex your creativity and work toward building a household dispensary name by mixing direct mail with digital marketing.

If you’re looking to utilize direct mail for dispensaries in your marketing plan, C Media can help. We’ll provide you with a hyper-focused list of cannabis users to target, personalized design, and ideas for integrating your digital marketing tactics. Want to get creative? Check out our custom magazines for dispensaries!

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