Custom Magazines for Dispensaries

The reach potential with custom magazines for dispensaries is vast due to the availability of multiple distribution channels including in-store, direct mail, tradeshows, and more.

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Dispensary Magazines

We create custom magazines for dispensaries to help showcase your products, tell your story, and educate your customers. Use it to promote a new product, service, or deal. You may also use it to  publish ads for your vendors to offset costs.

Key Features:

How It Works



We meet with you virtually to learn all about the heartbeat of your business, give us an inside look at your goals, a visual of your style, and an idea of your unique vision.


Relative Content

We provide cannabis focused articles that best represent your dispensary and pair them with your local images and store branded photography.



Our award-winning design staff will create a completely customized magazine for you including your products, deals, dispensary information, and vendor ads. 



All publication pages require final written approval by the client before they will be printed. Upon final approval, magazines will be printed and mailed.

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