Why Your Dispensary Should Promote Cannabis Drinks for Dry January 

Dry January

Unsurprisingly, many people dive into the liquor during the holidays. So, when the new year rolls around, many participate in Dry January. Participants accept the challenge to stay away from alcohol for the first month of the new year. Difficult? Yes, for many. Luckily, cannabis drinks are here to give people the buzz without the booze. 

If you’re thinking about what to promote in the new year–it’s a no brainer: cannabis drinks! It’s a golden opportunity for your dispensary to market to both the canna-curious and health-conscious! Not ready to invest in promoting cannabis drinks during January? We understand. But, we’ll leave these reasons as to why you should right here.

Winning Campaigns Marketing a Healthy Buzz for the New Year 

This is the big selling point for all cannabis drink brands. A beverage that can give you a buzz without the hangover is a product that can get you through Dry January (and beyond–if you’re trying to decrease alcohol intake in general). Not only will you avoid a hangover with cannabis drinks, you’ll sleep better, have more energy, keep your skin healthy, and may lose weight. In fact, around 71% of people that participate in Dry January reported that they slept better. And a good night’s sleep times a month can do wonders for your health. Cannabis drinks give heavy alcohol drinkers more incentive to participate in Dry January as well, as make it easier to get through. If your dispensary markets that cannabis drinks give you the best of both worlds–health benefits and a buzz–it may make for some winning campaigns. 

Gen Z Loves Cannabis Drinks

A good chunk of Gen Z are of legal age to drink alcohol and are the most likely to participate in Dry January. According  to Civic Science, 29% claim they avoid alcohol in the first month of the year. Gen Z is drinking less and less and getting high more often. With cannabis legalization increasing over the past several years, it’s a more satisfying, health-conscious option for the younger generation. Gone are the days of Animal House-stylefrat parties and booze depicted by pop culture. Seltzers are also a popular drink across the board, as they are healthier than beer and hard liquor. Going at it with the angle that cannabis drinks are like seltzers but healthier may boost your campaigns. With the help of Gen Z, Dry January may evolve into High January. 

Cannabis Drinks Are Rising in Popularity

Cannabis-infused drinks are popping up everywhere. And that’s not surprising, because they’re rising in popularity every year. According to a Dataessential report, over 51% of adults 21 years or older are familiar with cannabis drinks. Now is the time to stock up and promote cannabis drinks at your dispensary. One of the biggest promotions it can get is during Dry January. You can do two separate campaigns: one for those in the know and the other for the canna-curious who want a familiar way to try cannabis. The keyword phrase “dry january” ticks up in the new year, but it also has a strong search volume overall–around 8,000. Yes, people are definitely looking to be more health-conscious when the year begins. Which means they’ll be more open to trying cannabis drinks. 

Snoop Dogg is Promoting his Own Cannabis Beverage

Snoop Dogg really needs no introduction. He was a cannabis icon long before cannabis beverages were a thing. And now he’s teaming up with Hill Beverages Co. to release Do It Fluid–a new line of CBD-infused beverages. If Snoop is backing cannabis drinks, it’s really a no-brainer for your dispensary to promote them, too. Celebrity-backed cannabis brands outsell traditional ones by ratios as high as 30 to 1. Influence reigns supreme in the marketing world. Also there are other celebrity-endorsed cannabis drinks. For example, Cann is backed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosario Dawson and Calexo has the support of famous DJ and music producer, Diplo. By promoting these celebrity-backed cannabis drinks, you’ll get more eyes on your dispensary by people who may not have given it a second glance. 

From our team to yours, happy new year! 2024 is a year for new opportunities in the cannabis industry. If you need assistance in creating campaigns for Dry/High January, we’re here to support your marketing efforts. We specialize in digital marketing, direct email, SEO, outdoor ads, podcast advertising, OTT, print, and more! Contact us today, and we’ll come up with a plan specific to your company goals. 

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