Why Billboard Advertising for Dispensaries is Beneficial

dispensary highway billboard

Whether you’re driving on the open road or are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, what do you tend to do? Look at the billboards. We may live in a digital world, but some things are too effective to be replaced. So, if you’re in the business of selling cannabis and CBD products, it would be smart to consider posters and billboard advertising for dispensaries. 

Your arsenal of marketing tools isn’t quite complete without outdoor cannabis advertising. People are in their cars often, which is the one place where digital marketing isn’t as effective. The setting dictates what type of marketing is efficient, and within the context of the outdoors, billboards and posters are the champs. Find out how poster and billboard advertising for dispensaries is highly beneficial for cannabis businesses. 

Brand Message Reinforcement

billboard advertising for dispensaries

In general, potential customers need to see something about 10 times before they consider the call to action. Online, this can be quite the challenge, as sponsored campaigns get expensive and may feel repetitive. Not to mention, there are also plenty of restrictions with sponsored campaigns online. With poster and billboard advertising, you’ll have a consistent marketing message that potential customers will see over and over. They’ll expect it, too, if it’s on their daily route to the grocery, work, mall, or any other specific location, which means it won’t feel as intrusive. Outdoor cannabis advertising will be viewed multiple times by a variety of people, reinforcing the message and call to action. You can use posters and billboards to send customers to your website, complementing your digital marketing, advertise a special event, or simply provide immediate brand awareness for your cannabis dispensary.  

Hard to Ignore

billboard advertising for dispensaries

With poster and billboard advertising for dispensaries, potential customers won’t be able to change the channel. Email blasts, sponsored campaigns on social media, and text message marketing are all effective, but easy to ignore. You can’t turn off, delete, or scroll past a billboard. By placing your dispensary poster or billboard in the right location, they’ll be even more potent. You can target work commuters and pedestrians in densely populated areas. By doing so, you’ll be getting more eyes on your cannabis billboard, as people that are on-the-go tend to be more aware of their surroundings. With our creative team, you’ll also have a billboard that’s eye-catching and communicates your brand with a memorable message tailored for long-term memory. Then, it will be hard to ignore in multiple ways. 

High Response Rate

billboard advertising for dispensaries

According to Statista, 35% of people who see billboards will look up the advertiser on their smartphone. A person spends an average of 293 hours on the road, and they have to pay attention to the road, which means the billboards will be noticed. However, that’s just part of the recipe for the high response rate, as the billboard has to speak to the viewers. When done right, outdoor advertising is highly effective. Canna Media’s stellar design staff is ready to create a unique billboard for your dispensary, using appropriate emotional advertising through visuals and a simple message to captivate your target audience. Posters and billboard advertising for dispensaries and other businesses also tend to be very creative. The more creative means it’s more memorable, leading to an increased potential for the viewer to respond to the call to action.

24 Hours a Day

billboard advertising for dispensaries

Digital sponsored campaigns typically last for a few hours a day, unless you want to continue to cough up more money for longer run times. Poster and billboard advertising for dispensaries can be up for quite a while, meaning they’ll get plenty of views. Whether it’s morning, noon, or night, your cannabis billboard will be standing tall. With proper research of your target demographic, you can find out where they’re located and plan your billboard cannabis advertising accordingly. Your immaculate, exclusive message, which we can help you fully realize, will gain an incredible amount of impressions throughout a full day. 

Posters and billboard advertising for dispensaries are some of the most cost-efficient marketing mediums, allowing you to gain numerous impressions at a low cost. CannaMedia can help you make the entire process a breeze. We’ll create an appealing, memorable visual with your brand message, help you identify legal billboards in your area, and also assist in negotiating the price. Additionally, we’ll help you figure out the different regulations based on your state, including proximity to major highways and messaging rules. Contact us today to discuss billboard advertising for your cannabis dispensary. 

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