Top Tips for Cannabis Dispensary Leave-Behind Marketing

dispensary leave-behind marketing

Before we get into it, you’re probably wondering what leave-behind marketing is. Leave-behind marketing consists of print or promotional products that you hand to clients or leave behind to make a lasting impression. We know what you’re thinking: flyers usually get left behind after they’re handed out (we’re guilty of leaving some behind, too). Yes, leave-behind marketing can get left behind if they’re not done well and there’s no strategy behind it. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips on how to use dispensary leave-behind marketing, including when to use them. 

What’s in it for Your Potential Cannabis Dispensary Customer?

You may have incredible graphics on your flyer and catchy lines, but if there’s no actual value presented, that leave-behind marketing material will be thrown in the nearest trash can. Leave-behind marketing materials need to continue a relationship or establish one if they’re left out to grab. Answer this question when creating leave-behind marketing materials: what’s in it for your potential customer? As a cannabis dispensary, you have to present your unique brand narrative through the handout. Let’s take the Planet 13 dispensary in Las Vegas, NV for example–if they were targeting the canna-curious at a certain event, maybe they would benefit from noting how they’re the largest dispensary in the nation. Know the event or space where they’ll be handed out, analyze your target audience, and create a reason why they should pick up and keep your leave-behind marketing material. 

Choose Leave-Behind Marketing That Satisfies Your Purpose

Are you headed to a cannabis convention? Will you be meeting several cannabis business executives for dinner? Do you need leave-behind marketing for a music festival? Use the right type of leave-behind marketing for your purpose and the environment. There are several reasons to use leave-behind marketing for your cannabis dispensary, including promoting a special, advertising your brand’s value, and announcing a partnership with a big cannabis brand. Choose your type of leave-behind marketing wisely. Here are a few common types of leave-behind marketing:

  1. Brochures – Use brochures for general information about your cannabis dispensary. Make it visually-driven, on-brand, and easy to read through. Advertise what sets you apart from the rest of the dispensary, and consider showcasing some of your best products. What will win over your target audience?
  2. Discount Flyer – If you’re at a cannabis event, promoting a special discount may keep you top of mind. Keep it simple and create a sense of urgency. Perhaps, you can promote a loyalty program, which is more long-term. 
  3. Business Card – Business cards can get lost or tossed. Go for QR code business cards that will automatically put your information (phone number, email, website, etc.) into the person’s smartphone. There are also options like Dot that allow you to do the same, but with a sleeker physical card. 

Stay on Brand with the Design

As with all marketing materials, your leave-behind marketing should represent your brand. Use the same color palette, font, and style to create a seamless experience between your marketing, website, and brick-and-mortar store. However, you can use design elements like images, varying weights of font, and placement to emphasize your message. Additionally, you may want to try personalizing the cannabis dispensary leave-behind marketing graphics for the target location. You can also try something beyond the norm, like stickers or magnets. Whatever you decide, make sure you stay on brand. 

Have a Clear Call to Action

Your target audience needs to know what to do next. Tell them about the next step with a clear and concise call to action. Here are a few common calls to action to consider: buy, sign up, claim, subscribe, learn more, and download. Also, make sure your call to action makes sense. If you’re handing out physical flyers and “buy” is your call to action, include your cannabis dispensary URL, QR code, or app. For a call to action to work, your hook must be attractive. How you present your cannabis dispensary is directly related to the strength of your call to action. Address the needs of your target audience, and present a narrative they can see themselves in. Remember, they also want to buy into a lifestyle they want when looking at brands.

Any cannabis dispensary should have a leave-behind marketing strategy. If you’re stuck on how to create leave-behind marketing materials and a plan to use them, we can help. Our cannabis dispensary marketing team will analyze your game plan, optimize it, and create the graphics you need to reel in the right customers to your dispensary. Contact us for dispensary leave-behind marketing services today. 

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