Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Cannabis Dispensary Website

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Having a website is the bare minimum for almost all cannabis companies. In fact, 73% of all companies in the U.S. have a website, and that’s not surprising. So, if you want to stand out and create a unique digital experience, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves to improve your cannabis dispensary website. However, you don’t have to approach that daunting task alone. Consider our advice on how to improve your site to attract your target audience, provide them an easy-going experience, and leave them wanting to come back when their supply is low. Remember, your website is an extension of your brick-and-mortar shop. 

Everything Must Align with Your Cannabis Brand

The inception of any business starts with a mission statement that becomes the heart of the company. From there, you develop a logo that reflects what you stand for along with a color palette that complements it. A simple but very effective way to improve your cannabis dispensary website is to make sure everything aligns with your brand. Stick to your primary and secondary colors, using your tertiary color as an accent. Make sure the images you choose reflect your brand as well. For example, if your target demographic is younger, you’ll want to use images that reflect their environment to help them easily make connections to your cannabis brand. Additionally, you’ll also want to choose two primary fonts that are on-brand. 

Make Navigation Simple

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When you’re considering ways to improve your cannabis dispensary website, creating simple navigation is paramount. Nobody has time to go through a maze of pages and buttons. You’ll want to include only major umbrella categories on your navigation bar, so you don’t drown your users with choices. Then, you’ll want to organize your sub-categories within those major ones as drop-down options. Remember, your categories are meant to readily send your visitors in the right direction on your dispensary website, so don’t make it overcrowded. Canna Media can help you design your navigation layout so visitors can easily find their way around your dispensary website. Proper categorization and sub-categorization for your dispensary pages will also help you improve your SEO rank for keywords.  

Ensure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Google reported that 57% of users would not recommend a business with a poor mobile website. To improve your cannabis dispensary website, make it as mobile-friendly as possible. By making your cannabis website mobile-friendly, the content on your website pages will adjust to the various mobile devices out there. It’s all about creating a seamless experience on all platforms. There are several ways to make your cannabis website mobile-friendly, including improving load speed, keeping your design simple, configuring images, avoiding Flash, using standard fonts, and clearly displaying your Calls To Action (CTA). Canna Media can ensure your dispensary website is responsive on mobile to retain the trust of your customers. 

Use Multimedia to Enhance Design

Although your written content holds plenty of weight when it comes to branding and creating a narrative, multimedia can complement it well. Use multimedia, such as images, infographics, and video, to break up the content on your website. You may write the best content in the world, but it may look like a wall of words to some if there are no multimedia to give the viewer’s eyes a break. Keep in mind that multimedia is supposed to support your content and website design, so don’t overdo it. For about every 500 words or so, you should incorporate one graphic. Also, make sure the multimedia you choose aligns with your brand and the content. 

Search Engine Optimize Each Page

Optimize each page of your dispensary website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Choose the appropriate keyword or keyword phrase for each page and incorporate it naturally within the written content. You can also target a secondary keyword synonym for every page. Remember that it’s best to use a different keyword focus for each page on your website for ideal optimization. Canna Media can help you optimize your website’s pages for keywords that make sense for your company and have a promising search volume and SEO difficulty, which is the estimated organic search competition. Optimizing your dispensary website for SEO will allow it to be more attractive to search engines and people. 

Having the best cannabis products in town just isn’t enough anymore. To get the right audience to visit your website, you need to take detailed steps to improve it. Contact us today to discuss how Canna Media can help your website grow. 

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