Top 5 Cannabis Dispensary Email Blast Marketing Tips 

Cannabis Dispensary Email Marketing

The holidays are just about here and that means cannabis dispensaries across the nation have every opportunity to bump up their sales. One of the tried-and-true ways to promote your cannabis dispensary deals are through email blasts. I know what you’re thinking. Email blasts can be pushy, spammy, and a waste of time. All of the above is correct if you are going about them without the right strategy. A report by Sale Cycle stated that 59% of customers believe marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions. To help you end the year strong, we put together a few effective tips for your dispensary email blast marketing!

Create an Engaging Email Template

First, you’ll need to think of a proactive subject line. The subject line is the door to the email, and what you write decides whether they open it or not. Make it emotionally driven, witty, or create a sense of urgency. It’s also a good idea to keep it short. If you are stuck on trying to write a clever subject line, don’t force it. It’s better to write a clear subject line than one that’s trying to be clever but is too complicated. 

Second, cut the jargon and only focus on what matters. What are the pain points you’re addressing? What is the solution you are providing? Your email blast should be about what your products can do for the customers. Mention any deals your company has upfront, and then tell your audience how each product you highlight can help improve their lives. 

Third, stay on brand with your email blast layout. Use your dispensary’s logo, typography, color palette, and visuals. Additionally, you also might consider adding a festive touch to the design. And don’t forget to highlight the deal(s) visually. 

Lastly, create an efficient call to action. Your audience wants to know what to do after you’ve presented all the cannabis product information and deals. Ideally, you want to stick to one button. However, with cannabis holiday email blasts, you may want to highlight a few products and give each one its own button for easy access. 

Timing is Everything 

Marketing without data is chaos. Analyze your past email blast, and check which days and times were the most effective. Fortunately, for the holidays, email blast open percentages tend to go up. However, it doesn’t hurt to send your holiday email blasts on the days and times your audience is most likely to open and click them. If you do not have enough data or the data you are analyzing doesn’t point you in a particular direction, Tuesdays and Thursdays are typically good days to launch your campaigns. According to WordStream, Thursday between 8 am and 9 am is the ideal day and time range. You might even want to do A/B testing with your email blasts initially with small chunks of your list to see what days have a better response. 

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Close to half of emails today are opened via a smartphone. Therefore, you must make your dispensary email blasts mobile-friendly. Creating a mobile-responsive email will help you maintain your audience’s attention and keep them from unsubscribing. There are a few simple ways to make your cannabis dispensary email blast optimized for mobile. First, you can increase the font size for better readability. Second, you can follow the iOS guidelines for ideal button placement (44×44 points is standard for a fingertip). Third, position your clickable elements in the center of the screen, as users will scroll with their thumbs more often than not. Lastly, design the call-to-action button in a way that it is hard to miss. 

Personalize Your Dispensary Email Blast 

An email blast, especially a holiday deal email blast from a dispensary, will likely get launched to thousands of email addresses. So, how do you personalize it? There are the low-hanging fruit like merge tags for first names. However, that may not be enough. Look at your data and analyze how you can group your audience members. For example, in MailChimp, you can filter your email lists by contact rating. You can send more custom email campaigns to your audience members with lower contact ratings, like one with an extra special deal that expires in 24 hours. Another way to personalize emails is via the subject line. Mention the targeted state in the subject line, play to a specific list filter like most clicks for a specific product type, address a pain point relevant to the time you’re sending the email blast, and so on. 

Email blasts are a great way to engage with your target audience or promote events or dispensary deals. If you are just starting with email blasts, do not send more than one or two emails per week. And, most importantly, analyze the data so you can make the adjustments you need for successful open and click-through rates. If you need to step up your email marketing strategy, contact us for more details!

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