Top 5 Cannabis Businesses Owned by Women

Women owned Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis industry may be seen as progressive, but like all other industries, it still has a long way to go. White males make up a whopping 70% of executives at the fourteen largest cannabis companies. According to Harvard Business Review, women outscored men in 17 out of 19 skills that separate excellent leaders from average ones. It makes absolute sense that more women should own and run cannabis dispensaries and other marijuana businesses. As we fight to put more women at the decision-making table of the industry, we should support the ones that are already sitting there. Check out these five cannabis businesses owned by women and promote and support their organizations.


By far, this is one of the top cannabis farms owned by women. Juniper started in 1992 with the purchase of a farm in the Salmon Creek Watershed of Southern Humboldt. However, the farm has had cannabis roots since the ’70s. They’re proud of their small production of cannabis cared for by hand, allowing them to invest in quality above all. Each farmer is highly knowledgeable about every strain, including what they need, when trichomes are at their peak, and how to cure the harvest correctly based on family experience. They have a variety of amazing strains, including orangeade, biscotti, mimosa, pancakes, and Wakanda. Juniper uses AAA flower and no trim, so you can taste the difference, setting them apart from the rest. 

cannabis businesses owned by women

Yummi Karma

Yummi Karma is a small business run by two sisters with infectious positive energy. Krystal and Chelsea Kitahara teamed up to provide people with cannabis products made with an array of lifestyles in mind. From tinctures to crystallized diamonds, Yummi Karma has the treats you need to take your day to the next level. Their cannabis is locally sourced, paraben-free, dye-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, so you can trust each one with your full confidence. Additionally, their flash-frozen cannabis is infused with top-tier butters, oils, and botanical extracts. The Kitahara sisters aim to empower women “to feel confident with cannabis,” and we think they’re doing a tremendous job! 

yummi karma

My Best Bud

Our furry family members can benefit greatly from cannabis products, especially if they suffer from anxiety. My Best Bud is a women-owned cannabis brand that provides cats and dogs tinctures to help them deal with stress. They have unique, patent-pending formulas that are optimized to provide our pets with relief quickly. The female-owned cannabis brand’s purpose is described as M.O.M or Maximize the full-spectrum entourage effect, Optimize health benefits, and Minimize chances of intoxication. Everyone’s body reacts differently to cannabis, so they took note of that and created three different ratios of CBD to THC. They even provide a survey on their site to help you find the right ratio of CBD to THC. 

cannabis businesses owned by women


Dreamt focuses on battling insomnia and providing people with a severely underrated good night’s sleep. It was founded by Carolina Vasquez Mitchell, a nationally recognized cannabis scientist, and Dr. Jannise Babbush who has a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry. Dreamt is a cannabis brand that is a branch of the Los Angeles-based Ciencia Labs, a house of cannabis brands aiming to address common health problems. The science-backed brand provides sleep aides in various forms, including tinctures, shots, vape pens, and edibles. Their products help you refine your deep and REM sleep. Additionally, their formulations are supported by over 200 scientific studies. Find your best sleep yet with the products from this women-owned cannabis brand. 

you dreamt

Cosmic View

Cosmic View is founded by two incredible women: Christine Skibola, Ph.D., and Nicole Skibola. Christine is one of the top cannabis researchers and a former professor at UC Berkeley. Nicole, who is Christine’s daughter, is a cancer survivor and published author. Cosmic View is inspired by science, art, and the California lifestyle. Their products address women’s needs and range from menstrual balms to cannabis-infused lollipops. Launched in 2017, Cosmic View marries traditional herbalism and science. The founders are passionate about pure Earth products that align with our duty to play the role of caretakers of our planet. They work with small regenerative farmers where their process of farming gives more back than it takes away. 

cannabis businesses owned by women

These are only a handful of the inspiring cannabis businesses owned by women. We urge you to support these brands and promote them. If you are in need of assistance with any marketing initiatives from custom magazines to digital marketing ads, we’re here to help you. Contact us today to set up a time to chat about your goals in the cannabis industry. Now is the time to rebrand, refresh, or build a business from the ground up!

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