Instagram Reels Ideas to Build Your Cannabis Brand

Instagram Reel ideas to build your cannabis brand

It’s always important to be where your audience is so you can speak their language. With about one billion monthly active users, plenty of your target audience will be on Instagram. And nothing is hotter on Instagram right now than Reels. Instagram’s answer to TikTok has become a marketing tool for cannabis shops everywhere. Reels provides you with a 90-second window of video content to educate, inform, entertain or do a combination of the three. You can record, edit, and preview each Reels clip right on Instagram. However, the big question is this: what should you post? To help get your ideas going, we’re here to give you Instagram Reels ideas to build your cannabis dispensary brand.

Give Cannabis Tips

Show your audience that your cannabis IQ is up there with some quick cannabis product tips. It can be anything from how to make your own cannabis cocktail to the art of rolling a joint for beginners. Think about what your audience may be curious about and provide them with answers. You can even create cannabis tips for beginners to start off to hook in the canna-curious. To make things more interactive, ask your audience what they want to know first, and pick something to explain via a cannabis tips Reels video. 

Share Customer Testimonials

Talking about how you’re the best cannabis dispensary on the block can come off as boastful. The best way to give yourself praise is through the voices of satisfied customers. Reviews tend to do very well on social media, especially video reviews. Ask your budtenders who your regulars are at the cannabis shop, and the next time they come around, you can ask them to give a 15 to 30 second video testimonial. You can incentivize them by telling them they will be featured on your dispensary’s Instagram Reels post. Additionally, you can even give them a special discount for their time. Also, don’t be afraid to give them talking points if they are willing to give a glowing dispensary review, but don’t know exactly what to say. 

Feature Your Staff

Another Instagram Reels idea for cannabis dispensaries is featuring your staff. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what that staff does at your dispensary throughout the day. It can be funny, informational, educational, or a combination of at least two of those categories. Your budtenders should be put front and center, as they will be the ones interacting with the customers the most. It’s also helpful to get to know the budtenders before heading to the dispensary. Therefore, giving short budtender intros via Instagram Reels will help make customers more comfortable even before they walk into your cannabis dispensary. 

Provide Product Highlights

Discussing your cannabis products on Instagram can be tricky. You’re not allowed to sell any cannabis products on Instagram. However, you can create informative or educational content about your products. How does the product work? What’s special about it? Who is it recommended for? Stick to educating your customers and mention that nothing is for sale directly on your Instagram account. Instagram Reels is a great place to highlight your new products or mention products that are trending or popular at your dispensary. These product highlight Reels videos can be shot easily at your store before it opens or right after it closes. Record it and save the draft to post it during the ideal time of the day for your audience. 

Make a Blooper Reel

What do you do with leftovers? Repurpose them to make another meal! In filming your content, you’re bound to make a mistake or two (or 20), and at least a few will be funny. Gather the funny ones and make a blooper reel for your cannabis dispensary Instagram Reels. Not only will your audience be entertained, but your cannabis shop will feel more authentic. You can even add the bloopers to the end of your Instagram Reels videos. Creating a blooper reel is quick and easy, and as long as you create videos, you’ll always have bloopers. It may be best to save the blooper reel for the end of the week so you can send your audience off into the weekend with a smile. 

Do you have a cannabis dispensary marketing strategy? If you need support in fine-tuning or creating a marketing strategy for your dispensary, we’re here to help. Our team of marketing experts can help you with anything from social media strategy to web design. Contact us today for dispensary marketing solutions.

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