How to Make Your Cannabis Dispensary Website Mobile-Friendly

Dispensary Website Design

Looking at the numbers worldwide, mobile takes the lead with about 55% of the market. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make your cannabis dispensary website mobile-friendly. Most people are on-the-go, especially when they’re off the clock, and shop via their smartphones. Although it is still very important to make your desktop experience amazing, you should make your mobile experience just as exceptional. Having a dispensary website mobile-friendly is a pivotal part of increasing your repeat customers and strengthening customer loyalty. 


Mobile screens have limited real estate for displaying your cannabis products and services. Also, you have to keep in mind that content is organized vertically. Therefore, you have to prioritize well with your cannabis dispensary mobile design. Think about what cannabis products or services are the most important to display. Place your best items or product lines at the top. Not to mention, place your CTA (call to action) buttons in easy-to-see places. There are a few things you can do with design on mobile, but since it doesn’t give you as many options as desktop design, put content first. Create content that is easy to understand, gets to the point, and is readable. Mobile screens are small, which means cleaner designs with ample amounts of spacing will be easier on the eyes. 

Easy Navigation

Mobile navigation for your cannabis dispensary can get tricky. On a desktop, navigation is much more friendly since more parts of each page are visible. Consider using scroll-to-top widgets so you can get to the main menu faster. Also, you may want to utilize sticky headers to keep the menu available at all times. Remember to peruse your website on mobile thoroughly. Are there simple entry points to all of your main pages? Also, if you have 1,000+ word blogs, you want to make those easy to navigate as well. Provide anchor links at the top of the blog to provide readers an easier way to skip to the parts they want to read. Last, but not least, include a search box at the top of your homepage. 

Use of Visuals

Keep your visuals to a minimum on your mobile site. Videos, images, illustrations, and icons are big bandwidth eaters. A smaller web page size means faster loading times, making the mobile site for your dispensary more efficient for on-the-go customers. One way you can shave off KBs or MBs is by resizing your images. You may also want to consider using SVG files, which scale to your screen size, adapting to whatever screen the viewer is using. Yes, you should consider your dispensary brand narrative when using visuals. But, for your mobile site, be mindful of image sizes and the number of visuals you use. Your dispensary mobile site will benefit from loading faster and being easier to navigate. 

Analyze Your Audience’s Experience

When you know the preferences of your audience and what cannabis products and brands are the most popular, the item hierarchy on your mobile site will be easier to execute. However, that is not the only thing you should consider. Analyze your website visitor engagement by the devices they use and see how mobile stacks up to desktop and tablet. Specifically, look at the average session duration, bounce rate, and pages/sessions via Google Analytics. Through this data, you can find out what the engagement is like across all devices and see where you can make adjustments. Perhaps, mobile users are not visiting many pages. Analyze why that may be happening. It could be the amount of scrolling they have to do to get to where they want to go, the mobile layout being hard to follow, load times, or something else. 

Hunters vs.Gatherers 

The two distinct types of online shoppers are the hunters and the gatherers. Find out what type makes up a majority of your cannabis dispensary audience. Hunters are focused on speed, as they have already executed the research, so they know what cannabis products they want. They are not patient, so the mobile experience needs to be hassle-free and fast. The “buy now” or “add to bag” buttons need to be readily available and auto-suggestion should be quick and accurate so they can utilize the search bar well. On the other hand, gatherers shop for cannabis products at a comfortable pace. Be creative with visual cues and provide well-organized information, as they are doing research. You can lean toward the type of customer that makes the most purchases. However, you may also want to find a proper balance that works for both types of customers. 

If you need assistance in making your cannabis dispensary website mobile-friendly, we have the expertise to do just that. Contact us today, and we’ll get the conversation started on creating the right mobile strategy for your dispensary. 

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