How to Boost Email Open Rates for Your Dispensary

How to Boost Email Open Rates for Your Dispensary

We’ve been there. You send out the dispensary email blast you’ve been working on for days (or even weeks!), and then you don’t get the response you wanted. It hurts. So, is there a surefire strategy that will get people to open up your email? The truth is there is no magical secret that will boost your open rates overnight. But there are tips you can follow that will increase them gradually. It takes time. However, once you get it going, you can do wonders for your cannabis dispensary via email marketing. 

Keep Marketing Compliance in Mind At All Times 

Now, I know it might sound a bit boring, but trust me, staying on the right side of those email regulations is like wearing a seatbelt–it keeps you safe! Remember, nobody wants their carefully crafted campaigns to end up in the spam folder or, worse, angering the email gods (a.k.a. ISPs). The first golden rule is to obtain explicit permission to email each person. This means you’re implementing a clear opt-in process. State the type of content they’ll receive and how frequently they will get it. Second, include a visible unsubscribe option. Give them the option to stop receiving your email blasts whenever they want. It builds trust and maintains a positive reputation. Third, comply with all anti-spam laws. Start by reading the CAN-SPAM Act and the GDPR

What to Convey in Your Subject Line

People don’t want the product that’s always going to be around. If it’s always available, that means they will have all the time in the world to think about whether to buy it or not. Therefore, you should use urgency in your subject line. Maybe it’s a limited edition item or it’s only on sale for the next two weeks. Mention what makes it urgent to grab right now. Also, use exclusivity. People don’t want a product that’s for everyone. They want the cannabis product that’s made for them. For example, you can put “Made for the Canna-Curious.” And then target it to a list of people that are just starting out experimenting with cannabis. A good chunk of your email blasts should be rooted in urgency or exclusivity. 

Get Attention or Generate Interest Without Clickbaiting

If there’s no sense of urgency, then you have to create interest. Maybe you have a product that is brand new. Showcase your product’s unique features or benefits honestly and transparently, without resorting to exaggerated or false claims. Or maybe you have a product that ties into the current season. You can also use compelling storytelling to create a genuine connection with your audience, emphasizing how your product or service can genuinely add value to their lives. Create a list of 10-15 things that will create interest. However, you must not have a clickbait subject line. Clickbaiting is the use of enticing or sensationalized content to lure people into clicking on a link. Don’t do that. 

Created Segmented Email Lists for Your Dispensary 

This one is simple but highly effective when done correctly. The more focused your email blast is, the more likely people will engage with it. Your segmentations can be as simple as those who have opened your emails, those who have clicked, and those who haven’t done either. Depending on the analytics you have, you can even take it further and create a list of people that are big fans of pre-rolls and flower. For those who are not engaging with your dispensary emails–create a win-back strategy. For example, you can offer a special discount just for them. 

Send More Emails to Increase Engagement Potential 

The most successful email marketers are the ones who send email blasts frequently. Of course, you can’t be sending the same or similar emails over and over. Diversify your emails and send them to your segmented lists. Additionally, regularly monitor your email deliverability and engagement metrics to identify any potential issues and make necessary adjustments to your email marketing strategy.The reason you go into junk or spam folders is because of sender reputation. You no longer get filtered for sending numerous emails. So, go for it. Send a few emails a week. 

Even with these tips on how to boost your email open rates for your dispensary, it can still be a challenge. Or you may not have time to implement all these tips! We get it. Your dispensary has a ton of things going on. No worries! We’ve got you covered. Contact us today for email marketing support. 

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