How Podcast Advertising Can Help Your Dispensary

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Podcasts seem to be popping up everywhere, and the cannabis space is no different. A descendant of broadcast radio and talk radio, podcasts are a series of episodes where people discuss particular topics or events. Chances are you have gotten lost in a podcast’s conversational style and intriguing discussion before. Podcasts are also an ideal place to advertise your dispensary. Cannabis podcast advertising allows you to promote your dispensary to audiences who are ready to listen. Let’s take a look at how podcast advertising can help your dispensary.

Wide Variety of Cannabis Podcasts

One of the best advantages of utilizing cannabis podcast advertising to increase your brand awareness is the number of podcasts there are–the library of options seems endless. From growing marijuana plants at home to cannabis job search tips, there’s a cannabis podcast for everyone. Take a step back and analyze your target audience. What are the highest-selling cannabis products at your dispensary? What is the age range of your audience? Are they interested in specific blogs on your dispensary site? Create profiles for your customers and align them with cannabis podcasts that fit their interests. By going to where they feel comfortable, the advertisement for your dispensary will be more welcome. And the numbers don’t lie. According to Spotify, 81% of listeners took action after hearing podcast ads. 

Podcast Advertising Generates Warm Leads

While marketing tactics can come off as intrusive, especially in the digital world, cannabis podcast advertising doesn’t. Podcast ads generate warm or friendly leads as they are presented within a trustworthy space. Warm or friendly leads are very similar to word-of-mouth advertising, which is highly successful. The podcast audience is already invested in the host, developing a bond with them over several episodes. Canna Media can help align your dispensary with the cannabis podcasts that make sense based on location, audience, and branding. Whether the host presents it or it’s a stand-alone ad that runs during the podcast episode, we can help you create an attractive hook to grab warm leads. 

Listeners Enjoy Podcast Advertising

It’s as simple as that. Listeners keep returning to the same podcast because they enjoy the topics, the host, and the guests! What does that mean for podcast advertising? The listeners are already in a good mood, and if the podcast and dispensary advertisement align well, the inclusion of the ad will be seamless rather than disruptive. It has been reported that 67% of podcast listeners enjoy listening to sponsorship messages. Being where your target audience finds comfort and feels at home is a significant part of the marketing game. Our marketing team at Canna Media can help you find the right podcast, create ad messages, and help with reaching out to podcast creators. 

You Can Utilize the Podcast Host 

In order for a podcast to achieve sustainable success, getting the ideal podcast(s) host for the show is crucial. By tapping into successful podcasts with hosts that have the charisma, intelligence, and ability to have thoughtful, captivating discussions, your cannabis podcast advertising will soar. You have the option of the podcast host promoting your dispensary instead of creating a standard ad. By doing so, the recommendation feels more organic. In essence, it’s similar to word-of-mouth, even though the listeners know it’s sponsored. Not to mention, the host can put their unique take on presenting your dispensary, making it feel more authentic. It’s also easier for the host to discuss and promote a cannabis dispensary in a natural way compared to a specific product or service. 

Podcast Advertising Cost 

If you’re doing a pre-, mid-, or post-roll ad, the cost will be a certain amount for every specific amount of listeners. For example, your cannabis podcasting ad could cost $40 for every 1,000 listeners. It may cost you more if you would prefer the podcast host to promote your dispensary directly. Whichever route you go, the leads will be nice and warm compared to the ones you get on other social channels. 

If you’re thinking about utilizing cannabis podcast advertising, CannaMedia can help your dispensary set up a game plan and execute it. Our marketing team can help you analyze your audience and help determine their podcast interests, create podcast ads, and more. Contact us today for cannabis podcast advertising solutions.

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