Digital Advertising for Cannabis Dispensaries Made Easy

digital advertising for cannabis dispensaries

Paying for clicks may not seem too attractive initially, but it’s a necessary option to stay competitive in cannabis. Cannabis dispensaries that utilize digital advertising will round up more viewers than organic marketing alone. With the cannabis stigma fading every day, many forms of digital advertising for cannabis dispensaries are legal in many states. Not to mention, these ads are much less restrictive in comparison to traditional advertising. Yes, you have to pay per click, but your reach is far greater, and your potential for return matches it. Let’s take a look at the digital advertising options Canna Media can provide you. 

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Before we jump in, let’s break down programmatic advertising, which this all falls under. Automated buying and selling of online real estate through real-time bidding is programmatic advertising in a nutshell. Through programmatic platforms, advertisers will bid for particular ad impressions based on various factors. What’s the number one factor? People who will see the ad. Publishers will auction off ad space on their websites, selling the impression to the highest bidder. Basically, the process involves using machines to buy ads. 

Ads for Display and Mobile

If you’re considering digital advertising for your cannabis dispensary, ads for display and mobile are the perfect place to start. There are several mainstream websites and apps that accept cannabis or CBD ads. And, as the stigma fades with every passing day, more doors are opening. Simply put, display and mobile ads have the best top-of-funnel reach at a very low cost. Cannabis display and mobile ads work the best for cannabis startups, as they are typically the most affordable option for digital ads. In general, display ad impressions cost a few cents or less, which is ideal for a cannabis startup budget. If you’re working with Google’s Display Ad Network, you’ll reach 90% of internet users globally! 

Connected TV Advertising

Digital Advertising for Cannabis Dispensaries

Showing your cannabis dispensary in motion is one of the best and more memorable ways to engage with your customers. It gives your customers, potential customers, and the canna-curious a preview of what to expect when visiting your dispensary. Connected TV advertising (CTV) are ads that play on any TV with internet capabilities. Popular examples of CTV are Amazon, Apple TV, and Roku. Through CTV ads, you can promote your dispensary’s products, showcase the experience of your dispensary, plug an event, or present the safety and cleanliness of your storefront–which will continue to be essential in the post-pandemic world. Although video ads are one of the more expensive digital advertising options for your dispensary, it’s well worth the price tag. The click-through rate for campaigns with video ads is three times greater than those without video. Canna Media can help your dispensary create CTV ads that will help extend your marketing reach and widen your audience. 

Native Ads

Native ads are one of the best digital advertising options for dispensaries. They are ads that blend into the surrounding content. For example, you can place a native dispensary ad on a popular website and make it look like it’s a piece of content that the site produced. They match the form and function of the website to overcome ad blindness, increasing audience engagement. Integrating your native cannabis dispensary ads into a well-known cannabis site or related site will gain tons of clicks if done correctly. CannaMedia can help you produce native ads that blend well with its surroundings seamlessly. Our marketing team will ensure the native dispensary ads feel cohesive whether you want a video, article, post, or editorial.

Digital Audio Ads

Not a ton of cannabis companies are utilizing digital audio ads, but they should be. Through digital audio ads for your cannabis dispensary, you can target people by listening habits, age, gender, and even the device they use. Not to mention, many Americans are hooked on the audio boom. According to Edison Research and Triton Digital, the average American over 12 years old listens to nearly 17 hours of audio weekly. Digital audio ads are especially effective coming through a podcast. Coming from a podcast, the leads are warmer and more trustworthy. CannaMedia can help you create digital audio ads for your dispensary that flow naturally, grab your target audience’s attention, and emulate the platform it’s on. 

If you’re considering digital advertising to help grow your cannabis dispensary marketing reach, we can help. Contact us today to get started!

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