Benefits of Building a Custom Dispensary Magazine

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In the digital age we live in, it can be surprising that physical magazines are still around. After all, people will usually bring their smartphones to the bathroom instead of a magazine these days. However, tangible marketing items like magazines are still very effective and are an essential addition to your dispensary marketing plan. There are many upsides to creating a dispensary magazine. For example, it’s been discovered that a brand’s name is more memorable in print. There’s just something more personal and comforting about tangible items in the marketing world.

Although you may think digital product ads and blogs are enough to promote your cannabis dispensary, you don’t want to overlook creating a custom dispensary magazine. A comprehensive marketing plan that covers everything is key to sustainable success, especially as the industry becomes more competitive. Let’s take a look at how magazines will upgrade your cannabis shop game. 

1. Promote New Products & Events

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Your dispensary magazines act as menus for your new cannabis and CBD products. When someone walks out of your dispensary with a magazine in their bag, it’s like they’re taking a piece of the shop with them. The dispensary experience is continued at home where they’ll be reading about the latest and greatest cannabis products available, creating top-of-mind awareness for your brand. The more senses are engaged, the more memorable something can be. So, the content of a physical magazine will be remembered longer. Additionally, you can promote any upcoming special events in your custom magazine. And because people tend to pick up and flip through a magazine several times, they’ll continue to see your events, again, keeping them at the forefront of their mind. 

2. Educate & Inform Your Target Audience

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Creating high-quality content is pivotal to building a relationship with your target audience. Providing the cannabis education and news your audience wants to hear is the best way to nurture the relationship. C Media will provide you with a fully customized publication with articles, THC and CBD tips, and educational pieces that are relevant to your target audience. With personalized content focused on your customers’ preferences, your brand will be seen as more trustworthy than the rest. Not only can you educate your cannabis customers with custom dispensary magazines, but you will also build a significant voice in the industry. 

3. Strengthen Your Brand’s Narrative

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Everything that’s included in your custom dispensary magazines, from personalized full-color designs to the choice of articles, will enhance your brand’s narrative. It will be an extension of your company’s beliefs and values, as well as the quality of your products. Your customers will also be able to absorb your brand’s narrative more fully since print results in better reader engagement than digital content. At C Media, we’ll make sure we capture your brand’s voice and persona perfectly with the help of a dedicated marketing manager. Moreover, our design and production staff will ensure the custom magazines reflect your brand visually. The magazines will also be produced in just the right size for your delivery and retail bags. 

4. Provide Ad Space to Your Vendors

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Strengthen relationships with your vendors or partners in the industry by offering ad space in your magazine. You can also expand your brand’s visibility by appearing on other company’s marketing mediums in exchange for ad space in your dispensary magazine. Cross-promotion is an effective way to reach new audiences in the cannabis community. Finding brands that share the same audience as you, yet aren’t competitors, can contribute to success for both brands. Partnerships drive more than 20% of company revenue. Double your audience through the incentive of ad space in your magazine. C Media is ready to help you build personalized dispensary magazines. Feel free to contact us today, so we can get rolling on making headlines.

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