A Dispensary Guide for 420 Cannabis Retail Success

420 Cannabis Retail Success

Although there are newer cannabis holidays/events like 710 Day and Green Wednesday, there still isn’t a more widespread celebration of the popular plant than 420. In the 1970s, a  group of teens in California ritualistically smoked cannabis at 4:20pm and the ritual spread until it was converted into a celebratory day for marijuana. 

Today, cannabis has shed plenty of its stigma, leading to 420 being the day for the highest cannabis sales in the legal market. Therefore, proper preparation for the big day is crucial. If you don’t have your marketing plan set in advance, it’s highly likely you will cut down on your earnings for the big day. To give you a hand, here are some tips to help you create an amazing 420 marketing strategy well before the holiday. 

Analyze Your Data & Push Winning Products

What cannabis products is everyone buzzing about? What cannabis products are flying off the shelves? Look at your revenue data and find the most popular product types, brands, and combinations to drive your marketing campaigns. By leading with your winning products, you’ll increase your potential revenue for the big day. It’s also a smart idea to see what products are trending online in general. Maybe certain cannabis drinks are doing well in the Google search rankings for the month. Stay on top of what’s trending, so you can push them into the spotlight with your campaigns. 

Also, collecting data on 420 and the weeks leading up to the cannabis holiday is crucial. You can collect new data on returning customers, as well as brand new ones. Look at Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like customer conversion rate, total sales, average order value, and average wait times.

Use Targeted Dispensary Deals

A one-size-fits-all 420 discount may not be as popular or effective as you think. Again, analyzing the data you already have on your target audience is crucial. You can use the customer data to segment them and create targeted deals. An easy way to do this is by looking at demographics. Also, you can choose certain cannabis products to advertise or place deals on based on what your audience segments are interested in. Here are a few ways you can group your 420 specials: first-time customers, military, senior citizens, and low-frequency customers. Because creating targeted deals takes time, starting your dispensary data analysis early is highly recommended. Being hyper-focused with your dispensary deals will increase your chances of getting more conversions. 

Create an Omnichannel Marketing Campaign

An omnichannel marketing campaign for your dispensary simply means that you are promoting the same deals with cohesive messaging across all of your social media and marketing channels. Retail customers are not channel-specific, as they may be using several daily. Therefore, being where your target audience is with a consistent message is ideal. By promoting your 420 deals weeks in advance across your various channels, you will increase your potential to make conversions. Additionally, it aligns with the marketing psychology principle of the mere exposure effect. The mere exposure effect states that people have a more favorable view of something they are familiar with via repeated exposure. Therefore, if you are promoting 420 deals across all your channels, there’s a higher chance your target audience will keep you top of mind when they’re ready to purchase cannabis products for 420. 

Discover Upsell Opportunities 

Your dispensary has a unique opportunity to upsell your customers by leveraging marketing campaigns that highlight new and exclusive cannabis products. A well-executed upsell strategy can increase revenue and deepen customer loyalty by offering high-quality and unique strains, edibles, concentrates, and other cannabis products that appeal to specific user preferences and needs. For example, dispensaries can target medical patients with campaigns that promote high-CBD strains and other products that offer therapeutic benefits, or target recreational users with campaigns that showcase potent, high-THC strains and products that deliver a stronger, more euphoric experience. Perhaps send a coupon for particular products after they make a purchase, so when they need more cannabis products, they’ll come back to your dispensary. Your 420 deals may also be accompanied by equally attractive deals for cannabis products with higher price tags. Additionally, you can upsell accessories in your email campaigns to go along with the main deals. 

If you are looking for support to set up your 420 marketing deals or need the full 420 marketing campaign service, we can help. Starting your 420 marketing campaign weeks in advance is ideal. Contact us today and get your 420 strategy set and ready to go!

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