5 Best Copywriting Tips for Cannabis Marketing

5 Best Copywriting Tips for Cannabis Marketing 2

You may not like copywriting, but it’s necessary for any cannabis dispensary. Copywriting is a big part of marketing. In some ways, it’s an art. And we’re here to show you a few tips to improve your copywriting. That’s right. It doesn’t matter if you earned a C+ in English class. 

Our tips will help you write better. 

Scratch that. Our tips will help you write better for your marketing projects.

Study the copy above. What makes it work? Varied sentences. Short sentences overall. Some sentences start with consonants. And it’s conversational. All of this makes the copy easier to read. Remember, you are selling or promoting something with words. Say only what you need to.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s check out a few copywriting tips that will engage your dispensary audience. 

Use Emotion and Logic

People buy with emotion. However, they justify their purchase with logic. So, use both. Find out what motivates your target audience. It could be a number of things. Here are a few things that could work for cannabis products:

  • Freedom from pain
  • Life extension 
  • Enjoyment of food or beverages
  • Comfortable living 
  • Social approval

Think about the core emotions and motivations. They are constant. Now, segment your audience based on these motivations. From there, you can write to these different segments. The more hyper focused your campaigns and email blasts are, the better! 

Be Specific and Visual 

People tend to believe information or data that is more specific. Vague generalities do not come off as trustworthy. For example, you can say 60% of Millennials like to eat cannabis edibles. With a round number, it’s not as believable as 63.3%. Nice, round numbers seem more made up. So, be specific whenever you can. 

Next, be visual with your copywriting. You can say, “this device holds 4gb of songs.” But it’s not clear enough. Also, you can’t visualize it. However, you can visualize a device holding 1,000 songs. Look at Apple’s copywriting. It’s always visual. Take inspiration from great advertising out there. And then innovate what you take. 

Write With Short, Simple Words

Complex words and word play have no place in copywriting. Use simple words and short sentences. You want to reach a wide audience. By being clear and concise, your message will get across easier. It will also save your audience time. Less is more. 

Want to get more specific with how simple copywriting should be? Aim to write at a 9th grade level. If you can write at an 8th or 7th grade level–that’s even better. You can use the Hemingway app to make sure your copy is short and sweet. And it will tell you what grade level you’re writing at. Nobody wants to read postgraduate copy. Not too many people want to write at that level, either. 

Craft Captivating Headlines and Slogans

Headlines are everything. If you post a blog, ad, or news article, the headline gets noticed first. The reader decides to click based on whether or not the headline or slogan is enticing enough. How do you make a headline or slogan enticing? Make sure it speaks to one of your audience’s pain points. Make it accurate and specific. Use present tense and an active verb. 

Also, keep your headline under 10 words. If it’s a slogan for an ad, try to use no more than five words. Again, less is more. Some marketers say that 80% of the work is the headline. It’s hard to argue with that. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with your headline or slogan. Do A/B testing to get them just right.

Use Social Proof

People have a human desire to do what others are doing. If enough people are doing something, your brain will assume it’s the correct decision. This is why social proof works. You can take a page from McDonalds. They use social proof by mentioning one thing: “billions served.” One easy way to use social proof is through a testimonial. Or if you can afford it, get an influencer or podcaster to promote your cannabis dispensary. Just make sure it’s in line with your brand. 

You’re just about ready to do some copywriting for your cannabis dispensary. What’s the best way to get better at copywriting? Write. Then see what works and what doesn’t. And adjust as needed. Need marketing support for your cannabis dispensary? We have you covered. From website development to advertising, our team can help your cannabis dispensary grow. Contact us today!

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