4 Best Types of Dispensary Loyalty Programs

Dispensary Loyalty Programs

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, specific cannabis dispensaries will tower over the rest. There isn’t a Nike or Apple of cannabis dispensaries yet, but if history tells us anything, there will be. However, the road to establishing your cannabis dispensary as one of the heavy hitters takes time, patience, innovation, and loyal customers. Looking at the fastest-growing group of cannabis consumers, you’ll see that Gen-Z leads the pack. However, Gen-Z tends to hop around from brand to brand and even dispensary to dispensary. So, how do you keep them coming back? One cannabis marketing strategy that seems to be working is dispensary loyalty programs. To help you funnel your customers into the loyalty loop, here are the three best types of dispensary loyalty programs.

Points Per Purchase

This tried-and-true loyalty program works for cannabis dispensaries as it does for most retail establishments. For every cannabis product purchased, the customer racks up points that can be used toward a specific reward. And, if it’s a discount like $15 off your next purchase, they’re more likely to return and may even come back sooner. The points per purchase loyalty program also works better in giving you more valuable metrics, especially on ROI and shopping habits and behaviors. You can then use that data to shape your next cannabis dispensary campaign or refine your loyalty program rewards. There’s another similar loyalty program you may consider: points per visit. However, if you choose this type of loyalty program, the only data you’ll receive is the number of customer visits. While that’s better than nothing, the points per purchase program gives you more bang for your buck! 

Discounts for Social Media Posts

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. However, specific social media platforms are fairly strict when it comes to cannabis dispensaries. By providing your customers with points or discount incentives for posting your cannabis products on social media, you’ll give your presence a boost the safe way. Basically, you’ll turn your consumers into cannabis brand ambassadors! Prompt your audience to take a selfie with your products, review them, or even create a quick “how-to” video. It will keep your target audience loyal, and even grow your audience via word of mouth. And, since your customers are speaking to their own audiences, it will be more trustworthy than when you speak about your cannabis products. Utilize social media to its full potential through points and discounts for posting. 

Gift Cards for Spending More 

Gift cards can work wonders for your cannabis dispensary. Not only can they spread awareness for your brand when current customers give them to others, but they can also be used to incentivize customers to purchase more. For example, customers who buy gift cards can receive 15% off on their next purchase at your cannabis dispensary. Additionally, they can be given as loyalty rewards to members. Program members can receive a $25 gift card if they pass a certain spending amount at your dispensary. Gift cards aren’t anything new, but they work well in boosting brand loyalty. If you keep them coming back for more and provide the best cannabis products and services, you can reach sustainable success. 

Refer a Friend Program

Refer A Friend is one of the more simple and straightforward dispensary loyalty programs. With a refer-a-friend program, you’ll tap into a current customer’s inner circle. Also, it will influence that possibly one-time customer to come back to use the discount for referring a friend. Returning customers are always good for any retail business–the goal is to get 20-30% of customers to come back every month. Typically, both parties are awarded discounts. One is rewarded for referring their friend and the other can get a new patron discount code. If you want to make it a little more interesting, give the customer reward options. The power to choose your reward makes it much more enticing. You may also want to provide cannabis products as rewards or create bigger rewards for referring multiple friends. Ensure that the person or people referred make a purchase before the customer who made the referral receives their reward. 

If you’re thinking about adding a cannabis dispensary loyalty program to your marketing plan, we can help you out. Whether you need a website update to advertise the program, direct-mail promotion, podcast advertising, or anything in between, we’ll help you get the word out! Contact us today, and we’ll start strategizing the best way to let your audience know about your brand new loyalty program!

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